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Hey, Alexa here! No review today, since I wanted to do something a bit different: over on my personal blog, Summer Snowflakes, I’ve done a series of tags this week, cuz I got tagged for a million things and I really needed to do them, lol. Yesterday, I did a fun one sharing a bunch of awesome blogs I enjoy, so I thought I’d switch things up over here and share the blogs with you all as well. 🙂

New Discoveries Tag

Ze Rules

  1. Share the picture above in your post and link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. Share at least one blog you’ve recently discovered. (Try to say something about each blog)
  3. Share at least one blog you’d describe as a new favorite.
  4. Share at least one blog  you’d describe as an old favorite.
  5. Tag however many people you like.

New Discoveries:

His Little Elephant: Koko is seriously awesome. She has brilliant taste in music (as you can see from her Britt Nicole post), and is quite proficient in the use of gifs. Plus, she’s shared some funny and fascinating insights on writing and reading, and she leaves the bestest ever comments.

Fairly Recent Favorites:

Random Fandom Fanatics: So I might be a bit biased about these two, since they’re basically my best friends in real life, but I’m telling you, their blog is pretty cool. Rebecca posts about characters and does reviews (plus, I’m writing a novel with her!) and Kathryn shares her vastly interesting and remarkably random ideas about the world.

The Scribbling Sprite: Ally’s another one who leaves totally awesome comments: they’re always really sweet and thoughtful. Plus, she does a plethora of amazing book reviews. Seriously, it’s thanks to Ally that I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever finish my TBR. Well, I guess the blame isn’t totally hers, but it is mostly.
Besides the book reviews, she does some other reading- and writing-related posts, like her Writer Struggles and her Quotables, which are just as fun and amazing as her book reviews.

Paper Fury: Cait is super funny and so quirky it’s amazing, lol. I love her posts so much, and her reviews are so thorough and thoughtful. Plus, you gotta love that heading. “Read, Write, Rule World.” That speaks to me on a spiritual level, ya’ll. 😉

The Curiosity Collections: Bailey’s really cool, guys. She blogs mostly about books, but my favorite one from her is a writing post, where she gave a little pep talk I desperately needed at the time. Seriously, if you’re in a writing slump or something, check her out now.
Actually, check her out even if you’re not. Because she’s awesome.

Old Favorites:

Sometimes I’m a Story: I’m pretty sure Heather was the first follower I ever had on Summer Snowflakes, and her blog was probably one of the first I ever followed. And for good reason; she’s incredible: funny, well-read, and while we don’t always agree on certain things (*cough* I really love HG and Heroes of Olympus *cough*), she always has a very thought-provoking way of presenting her point of view. I like to think, and as Heather shines her unique perspective, I find myself doing that a lot of it. 🙂

To the Barricade: I swear, Aimee might be the funniest person I’ve ever met–online and in real life. She is also very, very good with gifs, and she has this really vibrant personality that just shines through every word on her blog. She also likes to discuss her unique perspective on books and writing, but she makes you laugh so hard, you don’t even realize you’re thinking until later.
Plus, her characters are so amazing and I know that without even having read her book.
So yeah. She’s really awesome.

Life, Literature, and Coffee: What more do you need besides that title? Oh fine, if you want a little more convincing: Mariella does some pretty cool book reviews, but she’s also an author herself, having just self-published her book, Dissonance. I’ve read it and it’s super good, so you should totally check it out and follow her blog for updates on the sequel. (Which I really need. Now. Right now.)


Well, that’s it for this post! Thanks for tagging me, Ally and Koko! I tag everybody mentioned above and anyone else who’d like to do this!

What are some awesome blogs you like to visit? What’d you think of the ones shared above? Leave a comment below and let me know!

7 thoughts on “New Discoveries Tag

  1. Aaaah this is a great idea! I’ve been meaning to do a recommendations post for a while now, this has given me a much needed push to stop procrastinating. I’ll have to check out some of these, and yess I love Cait’s website’s banner too, Rule World indeed 😉

      1. I’ll probably just to a generic “blog recommendations” post instead of the actual tag itself but similar content 🙂

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