How to Date a Fangirl Pt. 2

How to Date a Fangirl

Hello everyone and welcome back to Fangirl Week! Because of the great reception to our last post, I decided to continue on into part two immediately.

In part one we discussed how to be attractive to fangirls, know where they hang out, and discover which girls are fangirls and which ones. . .aren’t. If you haven’t yet read it, you can find part one here.

Are we ready to continue? Alright.

Wooing the fangirl

So you’ve found yourself a fangirl and perhaps you’ve started talking. But how do you go about keeping yourself out of the friend-zone? Have no fear! There are plenty of little things that you can be doing to woo your girl.

1.) Learn her favorite fandoms

Just because she’s a fangirl doesn’t mean she likes every movie, show, book, band, etc. out there. She, like most people, will have particular tastes whether they are SuperWhoLockian or not.

i am superwholocked

It’s up to you to discover which things she likes and, if you do not already like/watch them, you might want to change that. If you don’t like it, at least respect the fact that she likes it. This is not tumblr, keep the fandom wars to a minimum.

2.) Remember the little things

No two fangirls are alike. While you may meet two girls who love the same show, don’t expect them to have the same opinion. Remember the little things like the characters she ships, even if it doesn’t make sense and it is not canon.

holes in my ship jack sparrow gif

Ships = Relationships

Fangirls are very passionate about their ships. This is probably the biggest little thing you need to remember and take caution with, but it’s probably important to remember and take into consideration all of her opinions.

3.) Buy her things she’ll appreciate

While the normal things like flowers, jewelry, and chocolate will probably leave her very pleased, one way to step it up a notch for a fangirl would be to get her something to complement her natural fangirly self. Get her something cute from one of her fandoms–perhaps a coffee mug with the Deathly Hallows symbol, movie tickets to Mockingjay Pt. 2, or perhaps some cute little fandom buttons like the ones we’re giving away at the end of this post!

4.) Be heroic and a gentleman

Why do you think fangirls fall head over heels for actors from their favorite movies all of the time? Pfft, obviously because they are the heroes of their tale and wear tailor-made suits. While you might not have to bring a suit into your situation, it is important to be a gentleman to her and her own personal hero.

So hold open that door for her and suck it up and bring her tissues while she’s getting emotional over her ships. Be her hero.

ferris bueller you're my hero gif

5.) Treat her like a normal human being

She will insist she’s not normal, but she will generally want to be treated like a normal person. No matter what she says, don’t treat her like she’s an alien.

bella swan not normal gif

Keeping the fangirl

Now that you’re dating how do you keep this lovely creature? For the most part, you treat her like you would any girl you wanted to keep. There is one little twist, though. . .

6.) Don’t get jealous of her character crushes

If there’s one thing fangirls are known for, it is their passion and dedication to specific characters that they undoubtedly have a crush on. Don’t get jealous. Deep down, they know that they are not marrying Robert Downey Jr. It’s you they really love, no matter how they seem.

And lastly. . .

7.) Treat her right.

and you have a pizza oitnb gif

That won’t be hard, right?

Don’t forget that Fangirl Week is still running along with our giveaways! Over on The Fangirl Initiative there’s an awesome post about the Many Types of Fangirling as Told by Disney Characters. You should head on over and check that out!

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3 thoughts on “How to Date a Fangirl Pt. 2

  1. “This isn’t tumblr” haha xD these posts are so hilarious, and yesss, pizza, there is no greater food *nods solemnly*

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