How to Deal With Blogger “Burnout”

How To Deal With Blogger Burnout

Once upon a time, various people in the blogoverse began slipping away to a deadly plague that the both people feared and hoped was not contagious. While masquerading under many names–writer’s block, busy, tired, lack of ideas, etc.–this terror was and is still to this day known as the blogger burnout.

However does one stop such a terrible thing from coming about to themselves and their blogs to continue along to happily ever after?

Okay, okay, silly story aside, blogger burnout is an idea that terrifies me and is something I see all too often throughout the blogging community. That moment when you literally feel like you have nothing to give to the blog, are too tired to go on, and want to just. . .*poof* from the internet for awhile.

I’ve been horribly busy the past few weeks and honestly haven’t had much time for blogging or reading or anything really. Now, when I’m trying to cram some posts in while I have a blip of time, I panic. I normally have fifty trillion ideas that I want to do at once on a regular basis, but when I’m tired and don’t have much time to work with? I feel myself slipping into a burnout. This got me thinking? How does one avoid burning out?

Take it easy

No, I don’t mean take a complete break and kicking back with Netflix for the next two weeks. That’s kind of creating a faux burnout right there. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but it’s not what I mean by taking it easy.

Spongebob TV GIF

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, take it easy on yourself. Don’t make yourself overdo it each day. When I get in the zone? Let’s write two posts, rock some mad social media skills, fix all my blog pages, ooh and maybe we’ll fix up the blog design a bit. I’m sorry, but I find that this makes blogging a weary task really fast if you expect yourself to be in the zone doing all of this every day.

Believe me. That’s not an easy task. Start simple. Pick a day to do a post. Pick a day to fix those pages. Don’t try to do all fifty bajillion tasks in one day.

Make a list

This helps keep things straight. I’m a complete fan of lists. I have them scattered all around my room and they probably consist of at least half of my garbage can’s contents. I write them in many different ways and they’re extremely helpful when I actually remember I wrote one (I suffer chronic I-forgot-I-already-made-a-list syndrome).

Sometimes I write a daily to do list. Sometimes I write up a  list of things I’d like to have accomplished by a certain day. Just don’t overdo these lists. Good tip on how not to do this?


Okay, what is most important here? Sometimes taking care of the more important things removes the stress of knowing you still have to do them. Honestly, when I feel like I’m burning out, it’s usually because I decided I was going to be lazy and I let the more important tasks slide. Then came the stress of knowing that was all I had left.

There’s a burnout waiting to happen.

Reward yourself

We're Gonna Go Shopping GIF

I’m not so good at this part, but I’m working on it. Reward yourself for a job well done. I know that the majority of you reading this are book bloggers, so perhaps buy yourself that hardcover collection you’ve been drooling over for the past three months if you can achieve your goals for two weeks/month/whatever time limit you set yourself so you don’t go broke. If you’re another type blogger? Go get yourself whatever reward works for you. Or chocolate. Most people like chocolate, right?

Forgive yourself

You’re not going to be able to achieve all of your goals sometimes. Sometimes you will have things get in your way. Sometimes things are just going to suck and that terribly witty post you wrote is going to get some criticizing comment about you not being funny. Forgive yourself. Strive to do your best, but forgive yourself when things don’t work out.

That all being said, go out and be awesome bloggers.

Have you ever been through a burnout? Do you have anymore suggestions? Let me know down in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “How to Deal With Blogger “Burnout”

  1. It’s really sad but I’ve seen some bloggers that I’ve been reading for years hang it up, and it does make me nervous. I’m a teen, so obviously I’m not going to be doing this forever, but I love it at the moment and I want to make the most of my blogging. Nice post 🙂

    1. It’s so sad. I’m seeing more and more bloggers go through this, and it’s kind of depressing. I mean, I know that I probably won’t be doing this forever–I mean, times change and I doubt blogging will be around forever–but I’d really not like to burn myself out before I’m done and ready.

  2. I’m in a burnout right now. I don’t have anything to say or write about. I’m burned out on memes. I’ve finished 3 books over the last couple of weeks, and I sat down to write reviews and drew a blank. Nothing came. Now I can’t even bring myself to login.


    1. I know that not much I say can fix a burnout that’s already present, but have you tried doing things differently? More like you? Or keeping an ideas notebook? Sometimes I try to write things that I think sound fun for the blog to get myself back in the mode. Sometimes shaking things up a bit helps me out.

  3. I made my first post in over a month today! I really need to just sit down and write some stuff but I keep getting distracted by YouTube or just other things in general. It’s gotten to the point that I have only read one book this month! This post couldn’t have come at a better time. My 2 year blog birthday is coming up on July 1st so i plan on “starting over” on that day.

    1. Congratulations! What a perfect day to restart too! I wish you much luck! Totally understand you with the YouTube thing, though. There are times where it seems like just about anything distracts me from reading. I wish you much success in starting over!

  4. I have been fortunate enough not to have had a burnout yet, but if I do, I’ll definitely have this post bookmarked so I can read through the tips you’ve mentioned! They sound really helpful! 😀 Thanks for sharing! <33

    1. I hope that you never have to go through a burnout! I’ve only had a few mini ones, but they were awful. (I know I haven’t posted in a month, but it’s not really a burnout so much as some time sapping things that have happened lately). I’m really glad you enjoyed the post!

    1. It’s just so easy to get into that “groove.” The hard thing is getting OUT of that groove when you’re barely down burnout road and the bridge is out.

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