Facebook Page of The Week

Facebook Page of The Week

Kind of a different post today, but I decided that it was time to do something new. Facebook is something that I really don’t use enough of. Let’s face it: Marketing on there gets boring. All I’ve done in the past is shared my posts on there, and I’m bored.

So, I’m here to announce that I’m changing how I do things on Facebook. I want to make it more of a community, like I have with bloggers and readers on Twitter. From now on, I plan to get more interactive and personal on Facebook and I would love it if you would come hang out with me on there. I’m going to be sharing posts from around the book community that I adore, have some pictures and graphics every now and then, and without further ado. . .

Facebook Page of The Week.

It wouldn’t be much of a community if I didn’t pat my fellow bloggers on the back every now and then, would it?

From here on out I will be picking one blogger’s Facebook page a week to highlight on my page. The winner of this will generally be a blogger who’s page has impressed me somehow–whether it’s through their genius, a different way of doing things (in an awesome sort of way), or the amount of community and interaction I see going down.

Note, this will not mean that I am affiliated in any sort of way with the bloggers whom I pick each week. I may be friends with some, but my friendship will have nothing to do with them being picked.

As for me, I will be announcing the first Facebook Page of The Week this evening on Facebook.

If you’re a blogger, how do you use your Facebook page? Tell me down in the comments below and link me to your page!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Page of The Week

  1. Honestly, I use Facebook pretty much how you did before this feature: cross-posting my blog posts on there. Occasionally I’ll share something funny and/or interesting, but I really don’t put a lot of thought into it. It’s hard, sometimes, with all of the different outlets out there! I think this Facebook Page of the Week feature is a great idea! I look forward to visiting your page :)

  2. I sadly ditched my Facebook. I HATE how FB manages it’s pageviews now and I really hate how it blocks a lot of views….I try to run a handmade business off there and it’s SUCH a nightmare. -_- Hehe…so I just stick to Twitter for blogging, but I will definitely be liking and commenting on your FB page. ;)

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