5 Tips On Being a Bookish Hipster

5 Tips On Being a Bookish Hipster

Hipster. . . That pretentious, sometimes vile little word we see floating around everywhere these days. No doubt you’ve already had some images of ray bans, skinny jeans, and little upturned noses in coffee shops you’ve never heard of.

Despite all the hate hipsters get these days, they’re supposedly very trendy. And (if you’re reading this you had better) you like books.

So how do you become this awesomely trendy thing while keeping your bookish flare?

1) Make your books hipster.

There are a variety of ways to do this. Some people like to turn their books into decorations or accessories (we’ll get to this in a moment), but I personally prefer this method:

Kelsey's Camera 322
The fact that it’s a popular book AND a movie edition makes it ironic.

Ah, nothing says hip like a big pair of sunglasses you find at your local Rue 21–Erm, thrift store you’ve never heard of.

2) Read books no one has ever heard of.

Actually, who cares if you read it? Find a summary of it online and carry it around like you own it. Of course, you’re more pretentious for it if you did read it. And don’t forget to take vintage selfies with the books and put them on Instagram.

Kelsey's Camera 324

Where does one find a book like this? Simple. You read that book that no one talks about and no one has heard of and maybe you’ll get lucky and find it among the leftover crumbs at a used book sale.

3) Classics.

But not just any classic. Vintage and obscure classics. If you’re a real hipster you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with something off a school reading list unless you have a really vintage and obscure first edition of Of Mice and Men. If you do, you must tell everyone you meet of this important fact.

4) Read books on an e-reader of your choice.

This should go without saying, but in the bookish community physical books are preferred over e-readers, thus making physical books too mainstream for you. Find yourself some obscure e-reader that no one has ever heard of (or maybe a Kindle that isn’t a Fire. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead with a popular tablet) and download all of your favorite books in Russian. Trust me, it’ll make you look smarter.

5) Use books as accessories.

Ah, I told you I’d be getting to this. Carry a book wherever you go. Preferably one such book we discussed above, but *sighs* I suppose any will do. Just tell whoever you meet that you’re really disappointed that whatever popular author (of the book you are carrying) is a sell out or that you can’t believe people actually read this popular, mainstream garbage.

But whatever you do, take it to the coffee shop.

Are you a bookish hipster?

15 thoughts on “5 Tips On Being a Bookish Hipster

  1. I adored this post! I do #s 4 and 5. Sometimes even #1. 😉 Okay, for the fourth, I use my phone, which sucks ’cause my app keeps closing on its own and I need a new phone. And I carry my books around everywhere. I have perfected the art of walking around the mall while reading, and still have yet to bump into a wall or fall down the stairs! And I should definitely read more classics. :/

    1. Ohhhh, phones can be the worst when they start doing that with the apps. Or, years ago, when your sisters get iPods and won’t stop trying to FaceTime you while you’re trying to read. But mostly I have my parents ask me how I can read on something that small. *shrugs* Just can?

      Oh, absolutely. I do the same. Things just feel wrong if I don’t have a book with me. Even if I don’t bring a physical copy inside, I probably have a book on my iPod or my Kindle or something.

      *coughs* I should read more classics too.

      1. Yes! There was actually this time in my life when I carried one physical book and one ebook with me everyday. So, for example, I’m in school and can’t bring my phone out, I would read my physical copy. It’s so that I have something to read all the time. ^_^ I still do this a bit, though. 🙂

      2. Oh, I’ve done that before too. I mean, why take just one? What if I can’t read the physical copy for some reason (or vice versa)? I need backup.

    1. I mean, I have sunglasses and a book with a face on it. What am I supposed to do? It’s just sad that I don’t own a fake mustache. That really would’ve completed it.

  2. Omg, this is genius. Pure genius. I need to put sunglasses on all my books right now. I’m definitely not a hipster reader…BUT WAIT, I read books people have never heard of sometimes! Nah…doesn’t outweigh my terrible popular reading device of a kindle, my mainstream ikea bookshelf, and my horrible lack of cool orange sunnies. I’m doomed to be mainstream. Remember us boring ones while you’re hipster and cool.

    1. Do it. Put all the sunglasses on all the books. Right now.

      Oh shh. Your mainstream Ikea bookshelf is so awesome, Kindles are fine (especially certain models that people seem to forget exist. Like normal Kindles). And orange sunnies aren’t hard to find. I was disappointed after buying them to find someone who had the exact same pair as me, just blue and yellow. I think she was meant for sunglasses. They rather look like bug eyes on me.

      You, my friend, are anything but boring.

  3. I must be a bookish hipster because I recognized that William Sleator book instantly. He was one of my faves in middle school, though now as an adult I have to admit his output could be….uneven.

  4. LOL What an awesome list! I actually want to do these things just to see what the reactions will be. Especially that classics one. I think I’ll say I read Les MIserables, in French. (when really I couldn’t make it past page 1 of the English translation. But who needs to know that!

    Now, how to make my iPad look less like an iPad. . .Ha!

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